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Thanksgiving at the Williams': Bacon then Bakin'

Howdy, friends.

I have been off the radar accomplishing many things that I have yet to blog about as time is always lacking!

I must update on the holiday meal that made my husband just about as happy as he was on our wedding day...long before he realized what a commitment it was to be married to a workaholic who doesn't have time to do mundane things like clean the house, cook, etc.

The other day, the husband came home from work and showed me a picture of a bacon-wrapped turkey. He laughed and joked about how cool it would be to make this. I am still unsure if he knew he could convince me to make it or if it was a joke...but days later, his bacon-wrapped dream became a reality.

After buying three packages of premium bacon (go big or go home!), we weaved the bacon carefully on cookie sheets. We stuffed the turkey with some of my husband's favorite stuffing (a recipe passed down from his maternal grandfather) and then placed it over the turkey, so it looked like this...

After about four hours in the oven, the turkey came out smelling like roasted pig...

My husband woke up with a smile from ear to ear when he smelled this bacon-wrapped turkey. He was so delighted that he took a picture in which we confirmed that I was the best wife ever. I mean, who prepares a 22 lb. bacon-wrapped bird for two people along with the fixings (mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.) Okay, the pumpkin pie was store bought...but, come on! Don't forget the Dr. Pepper with Pure Cane wouldn't be a Texas Thanksgiving without it!

The following day, my best friend came over to work on a project and we were able to get some bakin' in after the other bacon-filled day. We created some Star Wars sugar cookie using some awesome cookie cutters...I think they came out marvelous. Thanks, bestie for your help! I am a beast with cooking meat, but my baking skills need some improvement.

For the final report card on Thanksgiving at the Williams':
Bacon-Wrapped Turkey- A+
Pumpkin Pie- A+ (It was store bought, remember!)
Star Wars Cookies- A+ (However, the gold star goes to my bestie for cutting some gorgeous cookies!)

I hope your table always has plenty! Wishing you, your family, and your kiddos at school, the very best holiday season yet!

Happy Salivating!


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