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Top Three Simple Valentine's Day Crafts for the Classroom

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom. It is such a happy time to celebrate friendship. While I do enjoy celebrating holidays, there are a few things I do NOT like about celebrating the holidays: crafts are often messy, expensive, or too complicated. After my first couple of years of teaching, I hated celebrating the holidays. I bit off more than I could chew in the name of the celebration. I took a step back and decided to make things simple. I don't do glitter, paint, or more than six-step crafts! If the craft is simple and meaningful, I'm here for it. Here's a collection of my favorite crafts to use in my classroom that are SIMPLE! 

Top 3 Valentine's Day Crafts for the Classroom

Cupcakes, hearts, and love... oh my! There's so many fun, favorites in this post. Each of them is simple to create and contain several options for differentiation. 

1. Differentiated Math Cupcake Craftivity 

Your mathematicians will LOVE creating and designing these fun Valentine's Day math cupcakes!

Depending on your grade level, your mathematicians can use their scrumptious cupcake to show how they compose and decompose numbers, use addition or subtraction, or represent numbers using place value, including standard form, expanded form, and using base-ten blocks. Mathematicians can also draw pictorial models too!

There's so many ways to use this sweet cupcake for students to show their understanding of math concepts and more!

There are three suggested uses (see photograph below) for this project, but it is open-ended and can be differentiated to fit your math curricular or students' needs!

2. Love Writing Craftivity 

One thing I love about this writing craft is that it can be used for a variety of celebrations, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Grandparents' Day. 

It can be placed adoringly on a bulletin board to display standards-based writing activity which students will create comparisons for their love for someone special. This activity has lots of options for younger students and older students! It makes a unique gift for a someone special.

There's an English version OR a Spanish version too!

3. Valentine's Craftivity

This is by-far the most used craftivity out of the set. 

Create a Valentine's Day bulletin board and display this standards-based writing activity to display the top three things that your students love! This February bulletin board craft has options for younger students and older students!

One teacher just left some feedback that they are putting this together as a mobile and hanging them from the ceiling in the classroom. 

There is so many options with each of these fun crafts to celebrate friendship for Valentine's Day! 

I hope this post inspires you to simplify crafting for Valentine's Day!

Which craft is your favorite in this set?

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