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Teacher Problem Number 987,927

Howdy, friends.
I have been connecting with so many beautiful teachers in the last few weeks. I am so thankful for so many wonderful friends whom are also called "teacher." We belong to such an amazing group of people. Thank you for your continued friendship, whether in person, through the resources we share, or on social media. I love connecting with you.
I have recently joined the VERY large group of teachers who photographically document our lives...the good (classroom---on most days), the bad (D.I.Y. projects gone bad), and the ugly (smashed toes, mosquitos bites, and whatever else we've gotten ourselves into this summer!) Are you following? Click here to see me in action...biking riding, teaching, eating at Whataburger...you get the drift! I try and keep it interesting (but G-Rated), for your viewing pleasure.
I am working on a few top secret projects preparing for my big classroom reveal coming to you in less than one month! (AHHHH, I better get back to work!) In the midst of my work though, I have found time to shop around. I love Michael, JoAnn, and Wally this time of year. We are best friends during back to school season! I try and go a couple times a week, you know, to check the stock. This brings me to today's topic...
I teamed up with wonderfully talented Mrs. Stanford of Mrs. Stanford's Class and am participating in a July "ABCs of Teaching" photo of the day challenge. Today our challenge was L for "list." Check out the list I complied.
Do any of these things sound familiar? My sweet husband...bless his heart  (that's Texan for "poor, poor, poor, poor him,) he has all of these memorized, including the look on my face when I spot one of these things five aisles away!
See the other photo challenges and what other teacher's lists are...just search for #abcsofteaching on Instagram, it's never too late to join in on the fun, just start with the current day.
What are your "go-to's" when back-to-school shopping?
Happy Hunting!


  1. I am a master shopper, too! I live for Target clearance endcaps that are always hidden! My hubby won't shop with me anymore!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

    1. Howdy, Deirdre!

      I like "master shopper." I may be coining that in my household soon! I hope you have a happy shopping season! Thanks for stopping by!



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