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Tell All Tuesday: My Life as a Reality Show

Howdy, friends.
Thanks for joining me on this "Tell All Tuesday" hosted by Teach. Talk. Inspire and My Day in K. The theme this week is "If my life was a reality show, it would be called..." This is pretty fun as I have often referred to my life with the following title....
LA VIDA LOCA DE LAURITA (Yep, it is a story about my crazy life!) Growing up on the southern border, I have been influenced by novelas (Mexican soap operas...they seem way more dramatic than my General Hospital). In America, we use dramatic music while in Mexico there's a little more hands-on drama, based simply on observation....growing up the television translators would go out and that was the only option for "entertainment."
"Why did your name change to Laurita?" I know you are all asking yourselves this question. 
Many of my friends growing up would call me Laurita. Though I am a White girl with Polish roots, I love cumbias (type of music), enchiladas (delicious tortillas, cheese, and chile), and my Spanish speaking amigas (friends)...hence the name was given...Laurita (make sure you use your best Spanish accent too! Well, it was worth a try!)

Now on with the show...

The television crew of two would follow me in the summer as I balance sleeping around my husband's rotating shift schedule (new schedule every six weeks), taking care of an active 23 month old dog, writing curriculum for the school district in which I work, creating resources for my TpT store, and preparing to set-up the most awesome classroom I've ever had. Oh, and riding my bike. Did I mention, riding my bike?! (Doesn't that sound CrAzY?!)
Luckily for the two television crew members, they would have to shoot the scenes from the kitchen. This location has the least amount of love to cook but do not do it often enough. The crew could not fit in my office due to the numerous textbooks and resources that are open.
Another great thing for the television crew is that I spend a large majority of summer days in my office writing curriculum, creating resources, and preparing for next school year, so they would stay in one place....they can see the office from the kitchen! WHEW! No need for cordless cameras here, ladies and gentlemen. (This show is really going to save the major television network on its budget!)
The more I reflect on this show, the more low-budget it seems. In fact, the REALITY of it is that they would sign a contract for one season (16 shows) and after one hour of filming me talking to the dog about strategies to reach the English Language Learner, it would be cheaper to pay out the contract than look like dummies for advertising such a flop of a show.
All-in-all, La Vida Loca de Laurita, was a win for the Williams family. We got a VERY large payout for starring in our own reality show.
It's my life. I love it. I love my husband, my puppy, and my work! too. Thanks for reading. You should stick to the Kardashians though, really. Or Big that still around?!
Happy Dreaming of YOUR Reality Show!


  1. So funny Laurita!! I loved reading your post!!

  2. Loved this post! I am sure growing up on the border was a great influence! Heck, I feel like I have been greatly influenced by Mexican culture and I grew up in a little town in north Texas. My mother even made homemade gorditas and tortillas on a regular basis.

  3. Love it! Made me giggle! I, too, am a GH fan!
    Very Perry Classroom

  4. Loved reading this post and so glad I found your blog through the link up. You literally had me laughing out loud while reading! Being a girl living in Texas I can totally relate to it all! Too cute!

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  5. Laura, your post was great and I love the title of your show! That is a show I would definitely tune in to watch. Thanks for taking the time to link up with us!


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