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6 Ways to Display a Simple Thanksgiving Craftivity

Teachers are very busy this time of year recovering from "Halloween Monday" (which should  be a federal holiday for the record), Fall Carnivals, and the all too common cold! Let's face it! We have NO time to pour our creative juices into an award-winning bulletin board! A few years back, I finally gave up on that dream! Have you? If so, you may be interested in my simple craftivities that I LOVE to use this time of year. There are six great ways to display them in your classroom or hallway! (The Thanksgiving craftivities come in English or Spanish!

1. The Turkey Topper

This cute turkey is begging you, with its colorful feathers, not to eat him or her this Thanksgiving. This turkey topper is great for students who are creative and love using their crayons or markers! There are five feathers to color as well as the ledge and body of the turkey.

2. The Pilgrims Topper

The cute pilgrims need a colorful ledge to rest their tired hands. They are still full of such joy despite their sleepy state. Look at their faces! The pilgrims themselves aren't very interesting to color. The divided up ledge, however, will entice your students with possibility and, of course, many students will ask if you notice the pattern they created! "Teacher, I made an AB pattern!" You know, it's bound to happen!

3. Cut Around Shapes 

If you notice, I don't even attempt these shapes in my student samples. They are way too complicated for my kindergartners. You may have more patience than me or less OCD. If so, let your students have at these. You may not have any of the tops left on them...but parents love their kids' artwork...no matter what! (No, really, they do! My dad always told me to relax during these projects because of this reason...and Dad is right! Always!)

4. Rectangular Boxes

This is my preferred option for these activities. I may have learned this the hard way, but a simple addition of a rectangular square around the shape is my OCD's best friend. You know, all that trouble I go to adding the shape, my students will still not cut on the lines. However, I will emphasize the nice dark black line 20 times just for my own sanity. 

5. Hang Vertically (See Photo Above)

Cut 1.5" strips of construction paper (lengthwise for a long strip). This instantly becomes the base where your students' creation will come together. I like to glue the top and bottom pieces first and then center things around them. Depending on how old your students are, this might not be a battle worth fighting.

6. Hang Horizontally 

Cut 1.5"strips of construction paper. They can be any set length or students can cut them up. This may be a good option for older students who have spatial reasoning. Glue three strips onto the back of the ledge of the topper. Glue the three pieces (apple, acorn, and pumpkin) on the bottom of each strip of paper.

Craftivities are so much fun for students. I love that they give students a little break and allows them to be kids with crayons! No text evidence, no math strategies, just some old-fashioned fun! The biggest perk is that it really is educational and standards-based. I always tie this into my English/Language Arts standards. Your learning target could be writing a phonetically spelled word or a complete sentence. For some students, they may draw a picture and tell you the word or sentence. The greatest part of this craftivity is that it can take on whatever life you want to give it. Give your students all of the options or pick the one that best suits your classroom! 

I hope this inspired you to get creative with your crafting options this turkey season and if you are interested in using my craftivities, they are in my TpT store!

What other ways would you display this craftivity?

Happy Crafting!


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