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Six Easy-Prep Math Centers for First & Second Grades

Howdy, friends!

I am SOO excited to reveal a big January "to-do" that I recently crossed off of my list. I KNOW that I serve teachers across the globe, especially within the state of Texas. Teachers need quality standards-based math centers that students can use to practice and master their math skills. If you are one of these teachers, I've got your back, Jack...or Jill... I am enlarging my offering of resources to better serve you!

February Math Centers for First and Second Grade 

I have been listening to my teacher friends and want to offer more support to my first and second grade teacher friends. These easy-prep, seasonal math centers are the first step in helping you be more successful in the classroom. 
Each of these engaging math centers includes:
  • Title Page for Center Organization
  • Tips for Use 
  • Directions 
  • Full Color Center Pages
  • Black Line Center Pages
  • Black Line Student Recording Sheet
More and more schools are requiring accountability during centers, rotations, and stations! These simple recording sheets will allow you to see your students' progress during or after they complete the center activity. Administrators LOVE teachers who are using these recording sheets as a formative assessment during center time. 

If you are a teacher who is busy with other students or teaching guided math, this single part of my center bundle will help you become more effective! You can give your focus to the small group of students whom you are working with and monitoring your students who are working on a skill in centers. All you have to do is check their recording sheets. This recording sheet can also be used to provide data to your administrator on student progress. I think you will LOVE knowing what they are doing while you are working away!

Another reason you will LOVE these math centers is for their flexibility and differentiation. In the photograph above, the green cards are two-digit comparisons while the blue cards three-digit comparisons. If you're a first grade teacher, you have the flexibility of having an on-grade level center  (two-digit numbers) and an advanced center (three-digit numbers) to challenge your students who are mastering this skill. If you're a second grade teacher, you can have an on-grade level center (three-digit numbers) and a center for intervention (two-digit numbers). This is just one example of how this bundle can be used in various ways to meet your students' needs.

I hope this post inspired you to think of your math centers differently, and if you want to use my February Math Centers Bundle, you can find them in my TpT store!

Happy Prepping!

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