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An Exciting Adventure Down River Awaits

Teaching is an adventure or nothing. I choose adventure over nothing any day, and I think most teachers would too! An adventure wouldn't be complete without a detour. How many times in your day do you end up exactly where you wanted, but you had to take a different path to get there? That summarizes most days in the classroom for me personally. Kindergarten Down River will be taking a detour in the next few weeks as I expand my vision for the future in the new year of 2017.

The first few weeks of January will be full of changes. I started sharing resources with my friends across the state of Texas and the globe over the internet with the name Kindergarten Down River, which described path I was cascading at the time. The waters have changed and so has my knowledge and expertise, thus a name change has been in order for some time now. Quite frankly, I have been intimidated by change. Representative of my namesake though, I must take the plunge and continue "down river." In 2017 and beyond, with God's abundant grace, I look forward to new adventures as I embody the name Down River Resources.

I look forward to the new opportunities that this name change will provide and as my mission to serve others expands. Please continue to follow me through the current channels of social media. Beginning soon, my name will change on social media and my TpT store. If you are currently following me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or TpT, all you should notice is the name change...and soon my profile pic, etc. My blog name and address will change soon as well. I will announce that information as it becomes available and the changes are made.

I greatly appreciate you trusting me to provide you and your students with quality standards-based resources. Thank you for your patience as I plunge into the river and journey forward to serve you better.

Happy Following!

What changes are in store for you in 2017?

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