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Critters from Down River, Texas

Howdy, friends.

I recently vacationed in Costa Rica and I am now even more impressed with animals, big and small. Many interesting organisms have found their way in my backyard as of late. One week of monsoon rain each night probably helped in the manifestation of this! (It has been a very cool end to the summer in Down River, Texas!)

Our first friend of the week. Luckily, we saved this animal from the demise of Jedi, our playful puppy! What can I say, she is full of the "force!"

Critter 1
Our second friend was this interesting moth. I looked it up. Perhaps, an American Dagger Moth?! Any experts reading?

Critter 2

 Our final friends were hiding in the tall grass that we call our backyard. After three months of living here, perhaps we should get a lawn mower. But, why would we want to do that?!

Critter 3
That's all, folks.
Happy Identifying!

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