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Gumball Galore! Math Centers

Howdy, friends.
Last May, as I was wrapping up a busy year, I decided that gumballs would be a fun kindergarten theme. It is bright and colorful...and what kindergartener doesn't love gumballs? So...after searching the internet and teacher websites, it doesn't appear that there is a lot of "stuff" for a gumball theme. Luckily, I create things for my own classroom using cute clipart and great fonts! So...this is the first of a few things I have in the works for my classroom.

This first creation was something that I need! I need more math centers. I always need more math centers. Even when I have bags of cardstock pieces waiting to be laminated, I still need more math centers. Can you relate?

8 Gumball Math Centers Bundle
There are many games I made in this eight math center bundle, including: Clip It, Count and Write, Counting Mats, Number Cards, Number Tens Frames Puzzles, Number Bonds, and Roll and Cover Games. My favorite is the Coin Puzzles shown below. They are VERY easy to cut. I included the front and back views of the coins, the coin names, and their values.

The coin puzzles are needed because this is the first official year of the newly adopted Math TEKS in Texas. It makes a great center for the new personal financial literacy TEKS. While this covers kindergarten and first grade math TEKS, it also meets six kindergarten CCSS and two first grade CCSS.

I know that there is a great need in Texas and elsewhere for Spanish resources too. I will am offering the Coin Puzzles in Spanish for my friends who teach mathematics in Spanish.

Please note in the picture to the left the color coding. I keep the puzzles separate by printing the puzzle on different colored cardstock. I printed the four sets of puzzle on two different colors, but it might be better to do each puzzle set on a different color.

Happy Preparing for a New Year!


Coin Puzzles in Spanish

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