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New Math TEKS...Coins

I have been working diligently to create resources that will help K-2 elementary teachers with the newly revised Mathematics TEKS (Texas). There have been so many things added and deleted. In addition, who realistically has time to sort through all of those TEKS! (#nerdalert: I love doing that on the weekends and late at's like college work to me! #loveit!)

The whole idea behind the Down River Resources store is to support teachers, especially those from
Texas, in mathematics and whatever else I conjure up to use in my classroom. I have a list of the TEKS and all of the resources I have created  that correspond and am only a few shy of having resources for all of them (I do already if you count the Kindergarten Math Notebook).

This is the latest of the resource packs from the new TEKS and it will help support me and others in kindergarten and our friends in first grade teachers too. In my district, we only spend five days on teaching coins. Our grade level chose to teach one coin per day last year and on the last day review all five coins. This was not nearly enough time for students to proficiently recognize the coins, nor are there enough resources to spend additional time practicing; hence, the idea behind this bundle. If my grade level needs it, I am sure others across Texas do as well.

Realistically, you only NEED about 10-15 pages to teach the standard in the allotted time, but this pack helps provide you with enough resources to use for small group instruction and tutoring. There's enough here to use some for homework too. In addition, there are also five engaging centers that this bundle comes with so you can use one per week, for five weeks or a week's worth of centers. My favorite are the coin puzzles. My students always love puzzles! (UPDATE: Now that I have been using this bundle for a few years now, I have found even more benefits. I start introducing the coins slowly throughout the when my five-day unit comes up on the calendar...I am not scrabbling to get my students to proficiency. There are enough printables to do this!

I hope this bundle helps you as much I know it will help me!

Happy Preparing!

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