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First Grade Resource Highlights

Down River Resources creates many different types of interactive math products for your first grade classroom which are TEKS-aligned. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite resources for firsties!

First Grade Number Strips: This 29-page resource is ready to print and laminate. You can keep the strips in a pouch or punch a hole and clip them together. You can make multiple rings so several students can be working on this center together. If you do not like to laminate, you can print and place into sheet protectors. I like to put them into the plastic 3-prong folders and make several for multiple students to work on at one time.

First Grade Partitioning 2-D Shapes Bundle:

This bundle includes two full-color math centers and 5
recording sheets that could be used for worksheet/homework, etc. You can use these to model how to sort the shapes into categories or use this as a math center. It specifically uses the shapes listed in the TEKS which will support your first grade classroom.

First Grade Ten More- Ten Less Support Pack: This support pack gives you the hands-on practice that students need. There are 6 individual practice pages (for guided practice, independent practice, or homework); 1 assessment page (for formative or summative assessment or to place on the left side of an interactive math notebook); and 1 blank assessment page (for modification or support small group instruction/tutoring).


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