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Back-to-School Target Dollar Spot

Howdy, friends!

The Fourth of July brings memories of friends who served or are serving our country and marks the beginning of the "Back to School" shopping season.

As I was out looking for Summer Clearance deals, I stopped by the Target Dollar Spot section (usual routine while my husband looks at DVDs we do not need). AW! My eyes filled with tears of joy! The teacher supplies were fully stocked within the last few days, if not hours. Everything was in place, nothing mixed up! This is Teacher Heaven.

Target had the usual name badges, stickers, bookmarks, etc. This year there were some more interesting stickers (smaller than a badge, but still had the "Hello, My Name Is" heading. There were new Crayola puzzles (that fit nicely into Ziploc bags for storage) and 50-pack erasers (pencils, apples, stars, etc.), perfect for math counters at the beginning of the year. Also, I must note: the pocket charts that they usually carry have a larger plastic pocket this year. The last few years the plastic pocket has been too small that strips you insert fall out very easily.
Target Dollar Spot Deals- July 7, 2014

ALERT: There are plastic book boxes (magazine files) at Target. This year, I saw them in red, blue, yellow, and white.

RATIONALE BEHIND THE ABOVE ALERT: I have book boxes in my classroom I use for the Daily 5. Other teachers walk in and admire the rainbow colored boxes. I send them looking at Target but often times they are disappointment in the quantity and color selection. Remember, if you are in a bigger city, you might want to try other Targets near you. When I purchased my plastic file boxes in the summer of 2012, it took me a few trips to different stores to finally have the colors and quantity I desired. They are priced at $3.00 and after two years of use still look brand new!

May your back-to-school shopping delight you! My purse is much lighter after spending $25.00 today!

Happy Hunting!


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