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More Math Center Preparations

Today has been filled with math center preparations for the upcoming school year. As I will be teaching kindergarten again, I know what I am doing, unlike last year! Kindergarten in the Land of Enchantment is so much different than kindergarten in the Lone Star state.

Preparing Math Centers 

Knowing the expectations of kindergarten and what my kids SHOULD be able to do when they enter into my classroom has allowed me create math centers that I know my kids will love! The month of June was all about creating some basic math centers. July is about preparing math centers among many other things.

No Prep Roll and Cover Games 
The math centers I printed out today and some of the Roll and Cover dice games that kindergartens love! The greatest thing about these centers is that once the student understands the game, they are able to play all of the different game boards with no assistance. This is super if you are working with small groups during math centers or stations time. I am building my collection of resources that can be used over and over without much planning and preparation. If I can remove the "Double P Threat--Planning & Preparation" for myself that is one less thing I have to be worried about! It seems like each year, life just gets busier and I want to remove as many burdens as I can! Don't you?!

During the month of May, we had a family emergency that took us out of town indefinitely at the time and it was these types of activities that kept my classroom afloat for a week while we were away. In the decade, I have been in the classroom that was the first emergency situation that ripped me out of the classroom with no time to think about a substitute. I am sure many of you can identify with this type of situation.

Another great thing that Roll and Cover dice games can be used for is for students who finish early. This can be an activity in the "I'm Done... Now What?" area of your classroom and taught as a beginning of the year routine. "If you are done with your center, and Mrs. _____ is still working with friends at her table, these are some things you can do."

Number Strips
I created a multitude of counting number strips for this purpose as well. These strips I cut out and will laminate and hold together with binder rings!

I love binder rings! I love things to keep my kids productively busy! I love summer time...a time when I can stay up late at night and think about great ideas and not pay for it when I wake up at noon!

Happy Preparing!

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