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Office Depot Teacher Deals

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I hope you are relaxed and ready to begin the new school year...or touring the state for last-minute vacations!

Teachers: If you are not signed up as a STAR Teacher at Office Depot yet, you need to do this now! They just need some basic information for your account and becoming a member is free. You get lots of great deals at back-to-school time. All of the sale items have a limit. As a STAR teacher, you are able to, in most stores, get three times the limit; so, if erasers are 25 cents and the limit is three per person---you can get nine erasers. Just go up to an associate and ask, "what is the teacher limit on this product?"

Currently, STAR Teachers get 20% off qualifying in-store purchases and 10% back in rewards. The rewards program helps you earn points which you get a coupon for each period. You can track your account online.
Office Depot

In addition, there are Teacher Appreciation Days beginning soon at a store near you. My area has their days beginning on August 2nd and running through August 5, 2014. Go to the following link to check it out for your area or type in STAR Teacher in Teacher Appreciation Days

I began shopping at Office Depot as soon as I moved to town. Most of the stores have very helpful associates and they will search until they find what I need for my classroom. They are understanding of teachers' needs which is why I do business with them often.

I do not know any managers or employees, I am just a faithful customer who loves a good deal. Office Depot is my favorite back-to-school store.

This week, the deep discounts begin!

Happy Shopping!

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