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First Days: Teacher Organization

Howdy, Friends.

I am still taking a break to enjoy summer, but as I do I am still preparing my things for the back to school season!

I wanted to share with you what I am using to keep my personal teaching paperwork organized. These dividers and master copies will help me stay organized in the upcoming school year. I like to be prepared each day and especially for our special Professional Learning Community time that we have with our grade level and instructional specialists each week for a period of uninterrupted time.

There are not only colorful dividers to choose from (chevron in blue, pink, & purple or colorful rainbow handwriting paper print), but also the pages you will need in between the dividers.

I am especially fond of the Response-to-Intervention behavior pages. These pages were specifically designed to help me and so many of my friends document incidents in the classrooms. This past year was a challenging year for me with student behavior. I had a student with significant behavioral issues and depended on documentation. It was the documenting of the incidents that helped me figured out the students' pattern of behaviors which led to the cause of them. I have the behavior sheets separate if you have some other organizational method already in place.

Happy Organizing!

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