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Howdy from Texas!

Howdy, friends!

My name is Laura and I am a kindergarten teacher from Down River, Texas (don't Google it---it won't come up on any maps!). While this is my first official blog as a teacher,  I am not new to education. I have nearly a decade of experience teaching children ranging from a cute six weeks old to the larger type of fifth graders. Most of my experience is educating kindergarten through second grade students.

I am a newlywed (one year and a few months) and married a sweet Texan. (I wasn't a Texan originally, but I got here as quick as I could!) I enjoy fakin' a Texan' accent when in San Antonio, but those closest to me are not fooled! Now you know too much!

I recently began adding my digital creations to a Teachers Pay Teachers store
Down River Resources. I am PASSIONATE about keeping teachers afloat with diverse + rigorous resources. 

My current focus this year is helping Texas teachers implement the newly revised mathematics standards that go in full effect this upcoming school year 2014-2015.

I take a lot of pictures in my classroom and share with teachers annually at dual language conferences. I am passionate about helping English learners access the curriculum by making the content comprehensible. (I am sure you will read a lot about this in the months to come!) Parents fill out Home Language Surveys at enrollment time and that determines if the child is a English Language Learner (ELL). About 1/4 of my students are officially English Language Learners  (due to this survey) though most of my students come from Spanish speaking homes.

I will be sharing stories with you and showing you how my students are accessing the curriculum using the resources I create.

Thank you for stopping by, friend. I invite you to take a ride with me "Down River!"

Safe travels,

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