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Kindergarten Resources Highlights

Howdy, friends!

I hope this finds everyone well. I have been busy researching education and the rainforest for future blog posts so I have been away for a few days.

I want to highlight a few of the resources I have created in the past few weeks that I am so excited to use with my new group of students.

First Day Craftivity: As you are preparing for your first day of school, consider this $1 deal to use for years to come. This allows your students to draw pictures of themselves, their teacher, and their school. By coloring, cutting, and gluing, you will have a firsthand look at how your students take care of their school supplies and their fine motor skills. You can instruct your students to put it together in the two ways shown or come up with your own way!
First Day Craftivity

2-D & 3-D Geometry Bundle: Did you know that 20% of the new Kindergarten Math TEKS (Texas) involve geometry? This pack includes lesson ideas for all of the geometry standards you need to teach in kindergarten. Shape posters and color, cut, and paste sheets are included, along with other printables. Look at the preview to see the 44-page bundle.
Geometry Bundle
Numeracy Dice Bundle: This bundle includes 6 roll and write games that can be photocopied or used in a math centers. They can be used to teach reading and writing numbers, 2-D shapes, numbers that are one less than another number, numbers that are one more than another number, and addition and subtraction. This pack has 6 easy centers, just grab some dice. Also, it includes bonus printables and speech bubbles to support academic language development.

Numeracy Dice Bundle

Comparing Numbers 0-6 Raindrop Game: In life, of course, comparing numbers will obviously be an important skill. Will you buy the $30 jacket or the $90 jacket? Will you take the $20,000 a year job or the $60,000 a year job? This is something that students will need to know and you are helping build the foundation for this type of mathematical thinking. Cut up the game cards and laminate. Students take turns counting the purple raindrops and blue raindrops before using a comparison symbol. Game mats and a speech bubble to encourage mathematic conversation support are included.

Raindrop Comparison Game

Number Strips- Skip Counting by 10s: Students use these strips to practice skip counting in a math center or as an early finishers option. There are also counting to 20 forward and backward strips also that can be used in the same way.
Skip Counting Strips

Roll and Cover 36-page Set Bundle: Subitizing and basic numeracy can be reinforced using this pack. It includes 36 pages of ready to print and use math games for independent practice or in a math center. This bundle can be a permanent center all year round, switching the roll and cover sheet being used each week or adding one new game board per week. You decide! Tally marks, die faces, numerals 1-6 and 1-12 boards can be found in this pack.
Roll and Cover Bundle
Enjoy looking around! Thank you for entrusting me to provide you with classroom resources!

Happy Shopping!

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