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Howdy, friends!

Today was not a productive day as far as back-to-schooling is concerned...but my house is clean and we had delicious food for dinner!

I am wrapping up a very large math pack right now that can benefit all teachers in elementary schools who teach mathematics. I am getting really excited to unveil it, but I keep finding more to add to it! (That is really a good thing, especially when you spend your hard earned money on it!)

Random Note: I keep laughing at all of the things I do so I can show people my products. My garage walls look like classroom walls (with backgrounds and borders) so I can put things up for teachers to see what it would look like!

Today I cleaned up the house and ran around a bit. (I am borrowing my friend's Sam's Club while he is working out of town so it is fun to pretend to be Mrs. Morris and go crazy in the office supply aisle. Believe it or not, there is a difference in the products at Costco and Sam's.)

We had a beautiful meal today with sirloin steaks, calabacitas (a Mexican squash side dish), and asparagus. I wish I would have taken a picture of all of that, but is disappeared quick! I also made more shortcake kabobs with some patriotic-colored fruits. It may not be the Fourth, I am still proud to be an American!

Shortcake Kabobs
This was our first meal that we shared together on our brand new rustic 7-foot table. The owners of the rustic furniture store delivered it themselves yesterday to our home. The wife said, "You must have a big family!"
It is not the fact that we have a big family, it is just that we like to eat a lot and need room for our food! We didn't really need eight chairs, but since we are paying for them, we might as well take them!

New rustic 7-foot table

(Photograph was increased to "extra-large" size so my dad can see it--I think we are going to need a new table runner, Mom. The one you made us fit that table made for two!)

I will share some things I am working on tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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