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July Brings Preparations for Next Year...and More Shopping!

A cool breeze kept me out and about today! Me and a sweet teacher friend (a third grade teacher and aspiring campus leader) had a shopping day after running errands at Central Office. After our errands, we shopped with our friends, Jo-Ann and Michael (...wait for it....Jo-Ann's Fabric Store and Michael's Arts & Crafts Palace!)

Michael's, pleasantly to our surprise, was having a 50% off the green clearance sticker sale (I was able to get lots of useful supplies for my classroom for $1.50 and under).  I will have to post some pictures of what I found when I finishing unpacking all of the bags! Exhausted after hitting the town, we ate with Jason of the Deli.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for the day, I received the feedback from the staff development science training I did in June. The teacher participants really learned a lot and gave excellent feedback! Thank God for my vocation! I will be sharing important pieces from this training in two weeks as I will be delivering it to two different groups of teachers. If you are looking for ways to make your instruction more meaningful, stay tuned.

The evening wouldn't be complete without working on some projects for next year's buckaroos. Today, I printed some of the number puzzles from a Kindergarten NEW Math TEKS Support Pack I recently created. I printed and cut the puzzles for numbers 1-5 as this is the beginning focus in September.
1-20 Number Puzzles

This set of numbers was printed on blue cardstock. Each set of numbers I print will be on different
colors of cardstock to scaffold the activity for English learners and others who will need the additional support. For instance, numbers 6-10 will be on pink, numbers 11-15 will be on green, and 16-20 will be on yellow cardstock. This is a great way to differentiate activities for students. I opted to use the same color for 5 numbers so there is still a challenge for the other students. If you use these in your classroom and need more scaffolding, you can print two puzzles in the same color cardstock. This is just one way I color code for my students in need to additional support.

I am wrapping up the evening creating a new bundle which I hope to release tomorrow! I think it is my most exciting bundle so far as every person I know who is an elementary teacher could benefit from it.

What are you preparing for your classroom?


  1. Love this idea! Is it available in your TpT store?

    1. Hi, Tina.

      Thanks for reading! I am happy you found my blog! I do have the number puzzles available.



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