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Geometry Pack & First Day Craftivity

Howdy, Friends!

First off, I want to thank all of my friends who have recently been seeing my resources on Pinterest and checking out my Facebook and Teachers Pay Teachers store. I want to thank you from the bottom of my Texas heart, for investing your time in researching the quality of my work!

My sweet husband, of just over a year, shared a link on his Facebook today and I know a few of you are friends of his through your hubby! THANK YOU! I am sending you a virtual hug for the support. My amazing mother-in-law did the same! THANK YOU! I love Texas!

Today was filled with creating, watering the lawn, and packing for an undisclosed trip. Details to appear at random, unexpected times. Stay tuned!

I finished up a Kindergarten TEKS math support pack today that incorporates ALL of the geometry standards. Isn't that amazing?! I am excited to use it. Sadly, our pacing guide doesn't include geometry until January.

As I was researching for the pack, I found that the geometry TEKS compose a whopping 20% of the NEW Kindergarten Math TEKS! So, I just finished 20% of your mathematics planning for the new school year! I's terrific! It is the biggest accomplishment of summer planning thus far.

Shape Posters in Kindergarten Complete Geometry Bundle
My favorite part about this pack is the posters pictured above. I'm all about coming up with new ideas and supporting the specificity of the TEKS (this is something most teachers do not have time takes a lot of time to figure out what specifically needs to be addressed--sadly, there is no resource that is a one-stop shop for planning, other than KINDERGARTEN DOWN RIVER!)

These shape posters do not have the shapes formatted in the usual way. They have two or three versions of the shape using different sizes and orientations as specified within the TEKS. When I draw out anchor charts, I always show the students multiple ways to "see" the shape. Can you imagine if kindergarten teachers used these posters? Misconceptions about shapes and their orientations would be minimized tremendously!

In addition, to the orientation and shape, the 2-D and 3-D shape posters that correspond are the same color (example: the cube and square posters are both orange because they both have the same 2-D attributes--square-shaped face). This is just one more way I provide scaffolding for my English learners.

Another fun project yesterday evening and this morning was creating a First Day craftivity. My husband asked, "What's that?" My response, "It's a craft! It's an activity! It's a...CRAFTIVITY!" So, I included that on the cover page. It is kind of funny...brings back memories of childhood, "It's a bird. It's a plane..."
First Day Craftivity in English and Spanish
There are so many ways to put this craftivity together. My dog, Jedi, watched on as I colored, cut, and pasted these together as I spent time with her in the cool evening breeze. I wish she had better dexterity! It would have helped me out so much!

I guess I will have to teach her some new tricks! With that, I am off to bed so I have the energy to play with her in the morning!

Thanks for joining me on my adventure today! I am truly honored to be a part of your day!

Happy Sleeping!


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