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El Paso Organization Benefits Local Students

Howdy, friends!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man who is committed to helping others. This altruistic 27-year-old veteran created a non-profit organization three years ago with the sole mission of providing school supplies and backpacks to children from the neighborhood he grew up in. He was inspired by his own experience as a first grader who went to school with a backpack with female characteristics.

I cannot imagine what ensued as a result, but it is an experience that stayed with him as he grew up. After completing his mission in the military, he began his college degree at UTEP in education and due to a lack of teaching positions in the local area, decided to continue his schooling with a master's degree after graduation.

While he is finishing up a master's degree in educational leadership, he will begin his first job at a secondary educator in El Paso. He is a humble man with a servant's heart who has a team of inspiring friends who help him do a collection drive each year.

This year's event will held on Saturday, August 2, 2014, in northeast El Paso. Please see the flyer for the details of the event and consider supporting this young man and his friends and they bless local children.
El Paso Area Backpack and School Supply Drive
Thank you for considering support this organization and reading about this man's inspiring story.

Happy Donating!


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